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Plymouth Lift Fours Title

24 July 2016

The Devils won their semi-final on Saturday in the event that was held over two days for the first time.
They defeated home favourites Peterborough, Workington and Berwick in the final with Aussie star Todd Kurtz scoring a valuable 7 points to help the Devon side to victory.
Afterwards he was naturally delighted with the win and added: "We are so stoked to win this today for everyone involved with the club.
"We thought we could do something decent on the day after we rode so well in the semi-final.
"Having Kyle (Newman) back in the side was a big plus for us and we all bounced off each other well and did the job to get the win.
"It was a cool weekend of speedway and well done to the promotion for putting on such a great show.
"The held up pretty well after all the racing that took place and hopefully the crowd enjoyed themselves.
"Hopefully this win will now inspire us to make a late stake for a play-off place in the league."