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Todd Kurtz Racing
DATE OF BIRTH: 4 November 1992, Cowra, New South Wales, Australia.
INDIVIDUAL HONOURS: Australian Under-16 Champion: 2008; New South Wales Under-16 Champion: 2008; Australian Longtrack Champion: 2011; Australian Longtrack Champion: 2012.
CLUB HONOURS: 2011: Knock-Out Cup winner: 2012 [Newport]; Premier Shield winner: 2014 [Somerset]; Four-Team Championship winner: 2014 [Somerset].

ADDITIONAL INFO: The young Aussie first started in junior speedway in 2004, becoming a member of the Cowra Motorcycle Racing Club. He also competed in junior rugby league and long-track racing, scooping an impressive collection of state titles along the way in the latter discipline. The highly-rated Kurtz netted 5 points in the 2009 Australian Under-21 Championship, despite suffering some heavy knocks in the meeting.  He was subsequently recommended to Newport by club legend Craig Watson and eventually took the place of Jaimie Pickard in their National League outfit in a June re-declaration. His stay was to last a month or so, with a view to returning the following term, and he was eventually replaced by Marc Owen in late August.  After the conclusion of the season – in November – Newport did indeed announce that he would return in 2010, when he would line-up in both their Premier and National League sides. He did very well, too, topping the Hornets’ averages on a 9.47 figure, having scored 254 points from twenty-six official meetings.
Kurtz has gone on to ride for Somerset, Coventry and is in his second spell with Plymouth after joining them in June this season after opting to sit out the start of the 2015 season.